Concern as pet owners delay vet visits
BVA estimates that one in five pets are not receiving treatment soon enough.

Financial reasons are the main factor, survey reveals.

Following a British Veterinary Association (BVA) survey of UK veterinary surgeons, almost 99 per cent have seen pets during the last year that would have benefited from earlier treatment.

This is a 20 per cent increase compared to the results of the BVA survey in December 2018. The BVA estimates that this equates to one in five pets not receiving treatment soon enough.

Of those who felt that some animals should have been presented to them earlier, 91 per cent reported financial reasons as the main factor.

Survey results also revealed that over half of veterinary surgeons have seen an increase in the number of clients that are having difficulties with the cost of preventative care. Seventy per cent have seen an increase in the number of clients that are having difficulty covering the costs of diagnostic care and treatment.

BVA president Malcolm Morley said: “It’s particularly concerning that vets in practice are seeing increasing numbers of animals with issues that could have been prevented or minimised if treatment had been sought sooner.

“Regular vet check-ups and preventative care may seem costly for many families in the current financial climate, but taking steps now rather than later is the best way to catch any health issues early and keep medical costs to a minimum.

“We urge all pet owners to talk to their vet for advice on simple and affordable steps they can take to keep their animals healthy.”