The Kennel Club launches dog activities survey
The Kennel Club wants to learn more about how the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis have affected dog activities.

Researchers are keen to hear from organisers and participants.

The Kennel Club has launched a new survey to discover the views of people involved in dog events and activities in the UK, including showing, agility, and trials.

The researchers are looking to hear from both those involved in organising activities and those who participate. 

The survey is the latest stage in a research project that began in October 2022 and which has four key areas of focus: to find out more about who is participating in dog activities; to understand what participants and organisers want and need; to discover more about the impact of the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis; and to help The Kennel Club better engage with its audience.

Mark Bermingham, The Kennel Club’s strategy and implementation executive, said: “Our brief was clear: 2022 was the first year with no Covid-19 related restrictions since 2019 and so now is the right time to understand how the needs and wants of participants and organisers have been affected by the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis so that we can adapt and respond in the right way.

“We have partnered with the research agency Basis, who have been carrying out one to one interviews with organisers and participants of dog activities to ensure we are asking the right questions when we go out to the wider community with the survey.

“The invitation to take part in the survey will come from The Kennel Club using our database and social channels this month and we would like to give anyone and everyone involved in dog activities the opportunity to provide their views and would like it to reach as many people as possible. 

“We very much look forward to receiving the feedback of this survey which we hope will provide some important insight which will help map the future of our world of dogs.”

The survey, which can be completed here, will close on 15 February 2023.