RCVS issues CPD reminder
"The requirement to record CPD on the platform is there to help to maximise the professional and personal benefits of CPD" - Linda Prescott-Clements.
Mandatory 1CPD platform explained.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is reminding its members of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for practising veterinary professionals.

With recent updates to the policy, the College is reminding veterinary surgeons and nurses that adhering to the requirements is mandatory. The annual requirements are 35 hours for veterinary surgeons and 15 hours for veterinary nurses.

Fully implemented in 2022, the RCVS 1CPD recording platform must be used to plan, record, and reflect on CPD. Available as an app for iOS and Android, as well as being accessible online, 1CPD allows veterinary professionals to manage their CPD in an intuitive and efficient manner.

Any RCVS members who do not comply with the new CPD requirements will be contacted by the RCVS to ensure that any support or extenuating circumstances can be considered. In cases of non-compliance with no support needed or extenuating circumstances applying, these will be considered by the CPD Policy and Compliance Subcommittee.

Overseas RCVS members will have slightly different CPD requirements, and therefore these individuals will be contacted by the RCVS via email with further guidance.

Linda Prescott-Clements, RCVS director of education, explained: “Undertaking regular CPD is a professional responsibility and requirement for all veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses on the RCVS Register under the  Codes of Professional Conduct.

“Our 1CPD platform facilitates an outcomes-based approach. A vital part of this includes ensuring that individuals take time to reflect on what they have learnt in order to help consolidate learning and aid in the development of critical thinking. 

“Simply writing a few lines about what you have learnt and how you could implement this into your work is sufficient, but you can also use the voice notes or add an attachment to your record. So far, the majority of feedback received from those using the platform has been hugely positive.

“The veterinary world is fast paced and constantly evolving. It is therefore essential that veterinary professionals are given the tools to learn and grow in a structured and manageable way. CPD is enormously important in maintaining high levels of professional competence and should be viewed as a rewarding opportunity for growth. 

“The requirement to record CPD using the 1CPD platform, and reflect on CPD, is there to help to maximise the professional and personal benefits of CPD and streamline the Continuing Professional Development process in its entirety.”